We are committed to keeping our guests, staff, suppliers and local community safe.

We are thrilled to be reopening The Apollo after a deep clean of the venue, and have obtained a COVID-19 Clearance Certificate from an independent auditor declaring us free from any traces of the virus.

Since the temporary closure of The Apollo, we’ve updated our COVID-19 Safety Plan, voluntarily adding practices and procedures in addition to the guidelines set by NSW Health. In these ever-changing times, we are monitoring events and legislation closely and will update our Safety Plan to ensure we are practising the highest health and safety standards, safeguarding our crew and community.

We understand that these are challenging times to be dining out. Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you have any questions. For more information on COVID-19, visit NSW Health.

The Team

Whenever possible, staff members are expected to maintain a safe social distance from each other; handshakes, kisses and high fives are not permitted with guests or with each other. Start times, finish times and breaks will be staggered as much as possible.


If Feeling Unwell Before a Shift

Before leaving for work, employees must perform a self-health assessment. Employees are encouraged to use the CDC COVID-19 Self Checker and take their temperature (using a company-provided thermometer) to ensure a temperature below 38°C (100.4°F). Visible COVID-19 symptoms are as follows: fever, chills, or sweating; difficulty breathing; new loss of taste or smell, persistent headache; new or worsening cough; sore throat; whole body aches; vomiting or diarrhoea.

The team member will:
– Text or call the Duty Manager ASAP.
– Be asked to stay home and to take a test.
– Self-isolate until they receive the results.


Journey to Work

The team will:
– Not travel in their uniform.
– Wear a face mask, at their discretion, if using public transport.
– Wear a face mask, at their discretion, in areas where social distancing is not possible.


Arriving at Work

The team will:
– Wait at the Crick Ave entrance until the Duty Manager greets them.
– Scan and check in with a QR code.
– Have their temperature taken.
– Thoroughly wash and sanitise their hands (refer to Appendix B).

Before Starting a Shift

– Use the designated change room to get changed into their uniforms. Only one staff member may be admitted at one time.
– Have the manager on duty test their temperature. If they test 37.5°C or above, they will be asked to leave the venue. They can retest the temperature after 10 minutes; if they fail again, they will need to be tested for COVID-19 and self-isolate before returning to work.
– Sign-in to their shift on the iPad using their own stylus pen. Sanitise the iPad after signing in, if not using their own stylus.


Staff Meal Breaks

– Will be staggered as to avoid crowding.
– Designated to specific areas where socially distancing is possible.
– Will not include any shared serving cutlery.
– All staff males will be pre-plated.


Point-of-sale System

Front-of-house staff will:
– Be provided with their own stylus pen to use instead of their finger.
– Sanitise the screen after use if not using a stylus pen.

Arriving at the Venue

All guests are asked to arrive on time for their reservation and encouraged not to arrive earlier than the booking time.

Guests are to enter the front door and wait for the host to check in.

If the table is ready, guests will be asked before entering to:
– Sanitise their hands.
– Have their temperature taken.
– Scan a QR code and fill in their contact details for tracing.

For guests arriving early:
– They will only be permitted to enter the venue if their table is ready.
– They will be unable to stand and wait inside.
– They will be unable to have a pre-lunch/dinner drink at the bar as the bar is reserved for dining.

In the event of tables not being ready on arrival, guests will be asked to either:
– Wait on a designated socially-distanced cross on Crick Ave after the outside tables (for smaller groups of 2-4 people).
– Wait in the undercover area on the other side of Crick Ave in extreme weather conditions (for all group sizes).

Once the table is ready for guests waiting on one of the designated crosses or in the undercover area on Crick Ave, they will be brought to the main entrance and before entering be asked to:
– Sanitise their hands.
– Have their temperature taken.
– Scan a QR code and fill in their contact details for tracing.


We have compiled a service checklist to be followed by all staff (refer to Appendix A for the full list).



– Guests will be presented with single-use food menus.
– The wine list can be scanned on a QR code found on the food menu; single-use printed menus are available on request.



– Guests are expected to remain seated throughout their booking unless they are using the bathroom. No mingling is permitted.
– Each guest will have their own serving tongs and teaspoon for dips as no sharing cutlery will be presented.
– Waiters will wear single-use gloves when clearing the main plate and dessert plate from each guest.
– No shared condiments will be available to guests.


– Sanitising stations have been set up in the lobby to the bathrooms.
– No guests will be permitted to wait at the entrance of the bathrooms and will be asked to remain seated until they become available.
– Will be checked every hour on the hour and all touch points sanitised.


Processing payment

– Payments will only be processed at the table while the guest is seated.
– EFTPOS machines will be sanitised after every use and before being presented to guests.

Vacating the Venue

Guests are reminded to be aware of their seating time as the table is likely to be rebooked after. The waiter will communicate directly with guests, if an extension or relocation is possible.

To ensure social distancing is adhered to guests are expected not to wait outside the venue once they have exited.

Cleaning Process in Between Bookings

– Gloves will be worn when clearing any dirty glasses, plates and napkins.
– Table, chairs and benches to be wiped down with hot soapy water and the water changed after each use.
– Floor to be swept, if needed.
– Table, chair and benches to be sanitised using A1 sanitising spray and paper towels.
– Hands to be sanitised before resetting with crockery, cutlery and glasses. 

Takeaway pick up

– Unless advised in advance, takeaway orders are unlikely to be ready early. Orders must be picked up from the host at the main entrance.
– In the event of an order not being ready on time, guests will be directed to the lobby of the side entrance (space dependent), asked to sign in with a QR code and to sanitise their hands. The food will be given to the guest with no hand contact and the guest will be asked to vacate the venue from the Crick Ave exit.
– If a guest is parked in Crick Ave, they will be asked to wait in their car and where possible have their order delivered to them with no hand contact.



All jobs will be conducted outside of service hours except in emergency situations.

Tradespeople will arrive at the Crick Ave entry and wait for a Duty Manager to greet them. They will only be permitted to enter the venue once they have:
– Scanned a QR code and checked in.
– Had their temperature taken.
– Have sanitised their hands.



All deliveries will be made outside of service hours at the Crick Ave side entrance only.

Drivers will:
– Wait at the entry on Crick Ave until a Duty Manager greets them.
– Leave the delivery on the step.

If a driver needs to enter the venue they will be asked to:
– Have their temperature taken.
– Scan a QR code and leave their contact details.
– Sanitise their hands.

When receiving goods, staff will:
– Sanitise their hands.
– Wear gloves for handling all goods and invoices.
– Spray closed boxes with sanitiser.
– Allocate the goods to their correct location.
– Dispose of empty boxes and packaging immediately.

After goods are received, staff will:
– Clean all areas where goods have been placed with hot soapy water and then sanitise.
– Correctly dispose of gloves.
– Wash hands.

Appendix A: Service Checklist

1. Greet guest on arrival, ask them to sanitise their hands, scan a QR code and check in.

2. Once seated, please brief guests as you would usually with the addition of:
– bathroom locations;
– explain the use of tongs on share plates and the importance of only using their own set;
– offer to change plates/cutlery on request.

3. When pouring water or wine, never touch the glass.

4. After the guests have ordered, menus are to be thrown away in the recycling bin.

5. Any wine glasses set on the table and not used must be washed.

6. Always wash and sanitise hands at this point (refer to Appendix B).

7. When taking drinks to the table, please make sure you have washed your hands first, and always hold glasses from the lowest possible point. Always use trays to limit the amount of contact with the glass.

8. Always wash and sanitise hands after clearing dirty glassware, plates or cutlery from tables.

9. When guests go to the bathroom, dispose of napkin and replace with a fresh, clean napkin, making sure that you have washed your hands first.

10. Salt and pepper is now kept in jars on the bar. If someone requests them, spoon a small amount into a ramekin. When mains are cleared, the ramekin needs to be washed and returned to the station.

11. When clearing the table, ask someone for help if you need it and always wear disposable gloves. Be proactive at this point and clear from other tables if you can. Share plates may be cleared from the centre of the table without gloves, however when clearing/changing individual plates, gloves must be worn.

12. After the table has been cleared, wipe down with a clean Chux, which should be left in a warm detergent mix. Change water mix half hourly.

13. Always wash and sanitise hands at this point.

14. Offer dessert and set with fresh, clean plates and cutlery.

15. When clearing the table, ask someone for help if you need it and always wear disposable gloves. Be proactive at this point and clear from other tables if you can.

16. Always wash and sanitise hands at this point.

17. When presenting the bill, please make sure you have sanitised the Tyro with alcohol wipes or paper towel sprayed with sanitiser. Never spray sanitiser directly on the Tyro. Bill plates are to be washed after every use.

18. Final clear down of tables will require disposable gloves. Clear to bar and kitchen as need be and keep gloves on to sanitise table.

19. Clean down table and chairs with hot soapy water followed by sanitiser and paper towel.

20. Always wash and sanitise hands at this point.

21. Reset table with fresh, clean plates, cutlery and glassware making sure they are clean and spot free.

Appendix B: Hand Hygiene



Washing your hands is a critical practice to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and other food-borne illnesses. All employees must wash their hands as often as possible using soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds in designated handwashing sinks. Instructions on proper handwashing techniques can be found at every designated handwashing sink.


Hand sanitisers

Hands-free sanitiser stations can be found at the front door and at the entrance to the bathrooms.
Hand sanitisers reinforce hand hygiene but should not replace washing your hands. In the event that handwashing sinks with hot water and soap are unavailable (such as while delivering food), use a hand sanitiser with between 60–90% alcohol content and rub your hands together until they are completely dry.


Proper handwashing technique

– Use a paper towel to turn on the water faucet to run hot water.
– Wet hands and forearms with clean running water and apply a generous amount of soap.
– Scrub lathered hands, forearms, underneath fingernails, and between fingers for at least 10–15 seconds. Rinse thoroughly under hot running water for 5–10 seconds.
– Dry hands and forearms thoroughly with single-use paper towels.
– Refill the paper towel or soap dispensers if they are empty and wash your hands again.
– Use a paper towel to turn off the water faucet and to open the door when exiting the restroom. Discard the paper towel in the appropriate trash receptacle.

When to wash your hands

You must wash your hands:
– Upon arriving to work.
– Before departing from work.
– Before putting on or in between changing gloves.
– Between each kitchen task or every 30 minutes, whichever is more frequent.
– After using a time clock to clock in for a shift.
– After handling raw animal products.
– When moving between food preparation areas.
– After all cleaning tasks, such as sweeping, mopping, or disinfecting surfaces.
– After using the restroom.
– After sneezing, coughing, or using a tissue.
– After touching your hair, face, or body, including safety equipment.
– After eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum.
– After interacting with external vendors or guests.
– Any time you may have come in contact with a contaminated object.
– After handling:
— Dirty dishes, equipment, or utensils.
— Cash and credit cards.
— Pens, menus, and other contaminated materials.
— Electronics such as cell phones and other personal or shared device.


If you need to contact the restaurant, please email enquiries@theapollo.com.au and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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